Friday, August 31, 2012

One Week to Maskfest 2012!!!

With Maskfest 2012 just one week away you could say we've entered the realm of the final countdown...

 As I'm sure it has been for all the mask makers in attendance, It's been a busy to build up to Maskfest here at the Phantom's crib. I should have everything for my booth finished up this weekend, and then I begin work on the Burman mask display that will be a part of the Universal Monster Army exhibit. The UMA always puts together a jaw dropping display. This year promises to be another stunner as Ray Castile's Topstones, Daniel Roebuck's Don Post Studios masks, and Bobby Beeman's masks and 1940s Frankenstein vs. Wolfman plaster mannequin heads will be on display. I promise to flood the blog with photos of these displays and all the other monster mask goodness from Maskfest next week!

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