Monday, August 27, 2012

1983 Distortions Unlimited Catalog

Hey creeps, here's another spine-chilling catalog scan from the Yellow Phantom... the 1983 Distortions Unlimited catalog. This might have been the high point for Distortions in terms of still producing high quality collector pieces before making the transition to full-blown mass production. Certainly, by '83, Distortions was producing masks at a higher volume than in years past, and the look of the catalog really reflected this. No longer did the catalog feel like that of an independent artist, or small volume manufacturer. In addition, the 1983 catalog would feature six and a half pages devoted to licensed characters...


  1. sorry i haven't been commenting but the stuff you've been posting lately is blowing my mind! i really wish i had that Saucerman mask...

  2. Glad you're enjoying the posts lately Professor!

    1. I never realized the ALIEN mask was in the 83 catalog. The tag on it is dated 1981 and the mask itself is dated 1979

  3. Wow Aaron, I wonder when the mask was actually produced. The Alien mask seems to be of better quality than the stuff that was being produced by Distortions back in '79 and 81. `We'll have to pick Ed's brain at Maskfest in a few weeks :)

  4. Actually it was the stunt mask mold used for this run, it was not very detailed, so much so that the teeth were painted on and not actually 3D sculpted, it was a very poorly done piece and was actually re-tooled in the late 80's and re cast into a better looking piece that sold at conventions for around 500.00