Monday, August 6, 2012

1989 Don Post Studios Catalog

 The 1989 Don Post Studios catalog would mark a return to the traditional multi-page catalogs of the 70's and early 80's. This catalog is perhaps my personal favorite of the entire 80's set for a few reasons. First, for sentimental reasons, as it was the year I really got hooked on masks and became aware of what a "Don Post" mask was. Second, and most important, the line-up is pretty bad-ass! The line-up as a whole is much darker and scarier than many of it's predecessors.  Third, this catalog has the look of the classic minimal black 70's catalogs. It just "feels" like a classic DPS catalog. Maybe I biased here. But me thinks not.

With a whopping 15 new characters introduced in the 1989, the catalog would mark a complete re-invention of the line-up. This was the year Don Post Studios went back to making monster masks. Scary... creepy... monster masks. While several characters had a "new-school" feel like "Ming", "Black Jack" or "Juice", the majority still had an old school charm like "Moon Fan", "Webster" and "Garghoul". This was a lineup that had something for the veteran mask lover, and the new breed of head hunters alike...

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