Thursday, August 30, 2012

1980 Savage Eye Catalog

Hey creeps, the Phantom wanted to sneak in one more catalog scan this month, but with Maskfest a mere 8 days away, there's no time for scanning anything on a large scale. This 1980 Savage Eye will do the job nicely. Looking at the Blog Labels there has never been a post here on the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks dedicated to the Savage Eye mask company, so this is a first here...
 The San Diego based Savage Eye was founded in the mid to late 70's by Charles Curtis. Curtis is credited for the introduction of long necks and bibs on his masks.  In addition, deluxe Savage Eye masks often contained zippers along the back of the necks. This catalog features a nice blend of characters ranging from the classic Universal Monsters, to mythological creatures, and presidential figures...


  1. I recognize a couple of these masks from catalogs I had when I was a kid, for a company called "The Great Coverup"

  2. I really Miss My "Goblin King" Mask... its "Rotted remains" are still in my room.....Sorry if We have "offended" you Good Sir