About the Blog

Welcome to the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks!

This creepy corner of the web was created to celebrate and document the art and history of monster masks.

I had two goals when I started the blog: 

#1 To share the collection of monster mask related materials I have amassed over the past 15-20 years.

#2 To educate myself more about the art and history of monster masks. I have much to share, and without a doubt, even more to learn.

With little literature available on the history and hobby of monster masks, much can be learned through materials such as mask maker catalogs, mask ads, magazine articles, and photos. I would like to see these items be easily available to those in search of them. The purpose of this site is to make these materials available to others who share an interest in the history of this hobby. I have personally scanned a good number of the items here, but I do not claim that they are "mine" or belong to me. Many items that appear within the blog have been scanned or photographed by others. I will always attempt to credit the original source whenever possible. There are several instances where I can't cite the source, as I downloaded the images well before I had the foresight to properly catalog them. Please feel free to contact me if you are, or are aware of, the original source of a scan or photo.

Also, please feel free to send over items that you think might enhance the archives and make it a better resource for the monster mask community. A big thanks goes out to those who already have!

Lastly, while I do occasionally share my personal opinions on these posts, don't let them offend or upset you if you disagree with them. After all, it's all about rubber monster heads. In the end, no one should get too upset over one Phantom's opinion of rubber monster heads. So have fun and don't take anything you read here too seriously creeps!