Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trick or Treat Studios - Johnny Ace Collection

With the month coming to a close I thought it would be appropriate to post one more goodie from Monsterpalooza. I ended up coming home with a folder full of fliers, postcards, business cards, and other tchotchkes, but this flier was my favorite from the bunch. This Trick or Treat Studios promotional flier not only features two of the coolest masks coming our way in 2011, but some also some choice the old school graphic design.
Trick or Treat Studios "Franken Fink" and "The Kook"
 Both sculpts are based off of Johnny Ace sketches and ring true to Johnny's vision of "Beyond Kustom Kulture... Beyond Lowbrow"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inside look at Darkside Studios

Long time independent mask maker and friend Paul Daniel's Darkside Studios is featured in this video from a National Geographic Special. This is an excellent look behind the scenes at Darkside Studios!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Don Post Studios Catalog

It took a day longer to scan and arrange all 62 pages than I planned, but in the end it all came together. For those who weren't able to make it out to Maskfest or Monsterpalooza to see the Don Post booth, here is the full 2011 Don Post Studios catalog for your viewing pleasure. The Don Post 2011 line-up is potentially the most exciting in many years. There's quite literally something for every type of head hunter here from retro throw backs, modern horror fans, gore hounds and movie monster mask collectors.

The catalog is crammed full of licensed characters, I count a whooping 28! Some have been in the Don Post family for years while others such as the Killer Klowns make their Don Post debut. Rather than ramble on,  download the full 62 page catalog in .pdf format and take a look for yourself!

Cover signed by Don Post Jr. at Maskfest 2011
Here's a small sample of the many licensed characters being offered from Don Post Studios this year. The Ghoulies mask featured below takes my vote for best licensed mask in the catalog. Featured here with the Curse of the Swamp Creature mask, it's pages like this that bring a tear of joy to my eye.
Ghoulies Mask and Curse of the Swamp Creature Mask
Classic Don Post Studios "The Mask" and Michael Myers Masks
Don Post Studios Jeepers Creepers Mask
The 2011 line-up features four classic Don Post Studios classic characters on the "Back From the Grave" page!
The Bug Eyed mask is back for another year, and while it was only introduced just a few short years ago,  has become a modern Don Post Studios classic character!
Perhaps the biggest surprise from Don Post Studios in years is the release of a Shock Monster. While produced for decades from Topstone, DP Studios has created their own homage to arguably the most iconic mask in all of mask-dom.
My personal favorite original character in the catalog is this Poker Face mask. I'm also partial to the Undertaker mask below. Here's hoping they looks half as good as the photos in person!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Creeps!

Nothing says Happy Easter like an good twisted evil bunny mask. The Don Post Studios 2011 line up features three such offerings for your pleasure...
Don Post Studios Frank the Bunny Mask
Don Post Studios - Beware Hare Mask
Don Post Studios - Wicked White Rabbit Mask
Stay tuned this week, I'll be posting the entire 2011 catalog in all it's 62 page full color glory in a few days!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frank the Bunny Masks

With Easter weekend here, what better time to break out the Frank the Bunny mask photos...
Don Post Studios - Frank the Bunny Mask
KreationX - Frank the Bunny Mask
xMonstermakerx - Frank the Bunny Mask
BlueTip - Frank the Bunny Mask

Friday, April 22, 2011

Headhunting: A Brief Overview of Mask Collecting - Scary Monsters #12

This excellent article from Dr. Lady was a real ground breaker for me back in 1994. For years I had bought monster mags with any mask related article or ad, but, I had never ran into an article so directly related to mask collecting as a hobby. This confirmed that there were indeed others out there! It also pointed me to Dr. Lady's Movie and TV Monster Mask Collector's Guide which is available in it's updated second printing here.

I believe this article came from Scary Monsters #12 (possibly #10?). I removed it from the magazine over 15 years ago and stored this article in a folder with several other mask related goodies, as evident by the now permanent paper clip marks in the scans.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death Studios 1995 Catalog

It's been two months since the last Death Studios post, so this is long past due! The 1995 mask catalog was one of the smallest of the decade, but featured some of the most impressive Death Studios masks of all-time.

The majority of the sculptures in the '95 catalog were created by independent artists, including the massive "Nightmare" and "Creature" from David Smith. Three masks sculpted by Dominick Alvarez including the Caliban Thrasher Unit with wrap around shoulders. Two from Brent Armstrong, including the oversized rare Rawbone mask. Three monstrous creations from Joe Reader from House of Horror. The classic Goins/ Ramirez undead aviator "Danny the Bastard". And finally, the dog-like "Tantrum" from David Britton. 
Dominic Alvarez's Smiley Sculpt
Rawbone remains one of my all-time favorite creature designs and monster mask!
Danny the Bastard Mask and Costume

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"I'd Like to Buy a Monster Mask" - Funny Monsters #3

Just got this Topps "You'll Die Laughing" Funny Monsters # 3 card in the mail yesterday. It was the most fun I've had spending a buck fifty in years! Here's a nice beefy 600dpi scan...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yellow Phantom Collection Pics

 I've been meaning to gather pics from my own collection together for quite sometime now. I've managed to finally get the majority of the masks shot and into a gallery here on the blog:

I still have some odds and ends to add, but this represents the majority of the collection!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

VXX Masks Back for a Short While!

Darrel from VXX announced yesterday on the HMA that he's back making masks for a few months! Check out the post here. These are some of the finest retro replicas and reproductions you'll find anywhere...

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Authentic Frankenstein's Monster Mask - Don Post Studios

This photo of the early Don Post Frankenstein's Monster Mask Box was sent my way a few months ago from John at Monster Magazine World.
Don Post Frankenstein's Monster Mask Box

With the month long countdown to Maskfest, and all the craziness of both Maskfest and Monsterpalooza, the photo got buried in the mix. I've never seen one in person, and would love to know if any one has one, or other photos. I think it's a safe assumption to say that it's quite rare.

Here's a scan of a black and white photo copy featuring the box and mask...
Don Post Early Frankenstein's Monster Mask Ad

Here's an attempt to clean up the scan. The source was pretty bad to begin with, and much gets lost here...
Lastly, a high-res scan of an article from Halloween 1949 featuring the classic mask...
Don Post Early Frankenstein's Monster Mask Article

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monsterpalooza Theatre Mask Display - Part Two

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, having a table at Monsterpalooza, it was damn near impossible to get over to the theater displays. I was able to sneak away for a brief moment on Sunday, and was blown away by the displays.

Joel Grossman had this amazing collection of Topstones on display. Each was beautifully finished, and together, it was the most impressive array of Topstones I have ever had the pleasure of viewing in person. A big thanks go out to Joel for bringing these out and displaying this truly amazing collection for all to see.

Row 1 - 1. D-Line Warrior 2. Lagoon Monster 3. ??? VXX Werewolf 4. D-Line Clown 5. D-Line Ghoul 6. D-Line Mummy
Row 2 - 1. Teenage Werewolf 2. D-Line Graveyard Devil 3. Gorilla 4. Shock Monster 5. ??? 6. D-Line Vampire Girl
Row 3 - 1. D-Line Grandpa 2. ??? D-Line Monster 3. D-Line Cave Man 4. D-Line Devil 5. D-Line Male Vampire 6. D-Line Pirate
Row 4 - 1. Ghoulia 2. D-Line Witch 3. Beatnik 4. Hag 5. D-Line Creep-Beat 6. ??? Vampire?
Row 5 - 1. Female Vampire (Lady Death) 2. D-Line Werewolf 3. Gorilla Monster & Hands 4. Frank. N. Stein
Row 6 - 1. G-Line Frankenstein 2. F-Line Scar Face / Prune Face 3. G-Line Horror Devil 4. G-Line Werewolf 5. G-Line Bridal Skull D-Line Vampire Girl

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monsterpalooza Theatre Mask Display - Part One

Having a table at Monsterpalooza, it was damn near impossible to get over to the theater displays. I was able to sneak away for a brief moment on Sunday, and was blown away by the displays. Dante Renta had this stunning collection of vintage monster masks on display. Having never met before, I had the pleasure of talking briefly with Dante. Here are a few shots...

Dante's Vintage Monster Mask Display
Distortions Unlimited - Fantasmigoria Mask
Don Post - Mutant Mask
Don Post - Mole Man Mask
Don Post - Mr. Hyde Mask
Don Post - Mad Doctor Mask
Don Post - Alien Mask
Don Post - Phantom Mask
Don Post - Wolfman Mask
Don Post - Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask
Don Post - Demon Mask
Don Post - "Smooth" Frankenstein Mask
Don Post - Quasimodo Mask
Distortions Unlimited - Nightmare Mask
Don Post - Mummy 5000 B.C. Mask
Don Post - Tor Mask
Don Post - Gorilla Mask
Kelly Mann - Ackenstein Monster Mask