Monday, August 20, 2012

Headhunters Quarterly vol.3 num. 3

Continuing along with the goal of eventually scanning each of the HHQ issues to preserve for mask and monster enthusiasts, here is issue #11 (Vol.3 Num.3). As always, a .PDF of the issue can be downloaded, just right click here and save!

There was a considerable delay between the release of issue #10 and 11, but it was well worth the wait as issue #11 of Head Hunters Quarterly would feature a robust 20 pages of monster mask goodness...

The Cool New Stuff department featured several sneak peaks of independent mask makers 2001 line-ups including Harry Inman's Dark Studios, Death Studios, Darkside Studios, and Head Hunter Studios...

Page 6 featured an article highlighting mask collecting on the mysterious new information highway called the Internet. Back in 1999 & 2000, mask collectors were beginning to find each other on sites like The HMA ....

Pages 7-9 was home to a detailed article which told the tale of how the Don Post Studios Calendar Frank was restored and remade...

13 Questions with Distortions' founder Ed Edmunds was up next...
And finally, Part 3 of the Return of the Classic Don Post Universal Monster Masks would conclude the series that detailed the re-release of theses treasured masks...


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post...!!!
    And good to hear from David Lady.... I remember some of his early "prototypes" that he sent to Morris Costumes....That one "orangish" corpse Looked really Cool...

  2. The "Distortions" interview was cool.... I Re-Posted Two of your "paper Masks"... Thank you good Sir... I hope that the good folk will enjoy them... and Alex should be getting in touch with you....

  3. Hey, thanks for these they are great! Wanted to let you know that the HHQ PDF link is boken for Vol. 2 Number 2. I am unable to open or dl. Any way you could fix it?

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. I just fixed it in the original post. Here's the direct URL:

  5. Thanks for the quick fix! How many issues total did HHQ run for?

  6. Sorry to tell you again but just tried to view as pdf and Vol 2 no 2 is still corrupt.

  7. Hmmm. I just tried the link again on two separate computers and it worked like a charm. Not sure what the deal is? I'll take a look tomorrow when I have access to different computers and see how it looks.

  8. Thanks tried another computer and it worked. Do you have any plans on posting the Halloween Society Gazettes also in pdf?

  9. Good to hear it worked for you! I only have a few issues of the Halloween Society Gazettes, and I do indeed plan to scan them into PDFs.

    I also have a handful of photocopied articles from the HSG. I have already posted a few, and plan to post the rest at some point in the future :)

  10. That's great! I saw the articles from the HSG and was curious if you may post the entire issues, the same as you are doing with HHQ. So that would be great! Do you know off hand how many issues of the HHQ that are left for you to post, the number of total issues?

    Also wondering the total number of issues that the HSG ran for?

    Do you know if the HHQ had re-purposed, re-hashed, or reprinted older HSG articles, or was the HHQ all new material.