Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silver Shamrock Mask Ad

With the announcement this past weekend at Maskfest of the potential re-issue of the classic Don Post H3 masks and the buzz it's causing among us rubber-heads, it seemed like the perfect time to post this ad. Much love goes out to Billy for sending over such an awesome high-resolution scan, big thanks man!
H3 Prototypes at the Don Post Both at Maskfest 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maskfest 2011 Recap...

After a solid month of Maskfest countdown posts, I whipped myself up into a Maskfest fury, with huge expectations. I can honestly say that this years fest far exceeded those expectations with an amazing all around show!

Shitty camera disclaimer: This re-cap represents the best of the photos I was able to muster up with my dated point and shoot camera. I made the bad decision of leaving my DSLR at home and opting for the compact option. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to get decent photos of all the artists work with the circumstances.

With that being said, here we go...

The first masks I saw as I entered the dealer room prior to setting up on Friday belonged to the Mushroomhead display...
Mushroomhead Masks
Similar to last year, I was fortunate enough to be seated right next to Danny Roebuck. Directly across the aisle from our tables was Brian from Alter Ego with his amazing TMNT masks and new Sam mask....
Next to Alter Ego was the massive Darkside Studio display...
Darkside's Sam and Funhouse Masks
For a monster mask geek, my table couldn't have been in a better spot in the room. Aside from being directly next to Danny Roebuck, we shared a curtain with the HMA table, so I had plenty of opportunities to talk masks and catch up with EA...
In addition, directly behind our curtain was the Trick or Treat Studios display and the Distortions table...
Trick or Treat Studios Display
Distortions Resurrection Display
Ed Edmunds sat directly behind my display and we frequently parted the curtain and shared stories. This was the first time I had the opportunity to talk with Ed for more than just a few minutes. As expected, the man is full of mask history and stories. Ed had to be one of the nicest and warmest individuals in the room. Man, I was on cloud nine on Saturday and Sunday anytime Ed was at his table. Here are a few shots of the Deluxe Resurrection Series...
Distortions Resurrection Nightmare Mask
Distortions Resurrection Krem Mask
Distortions Resurrection Zombie Mask
Distortions Resurrection Creeton Mask
 One isle over from ours featured the best masks of the show in my opinion. Krisitn's Safari Anomalous, Jeremy's Featured Creatures, Monte Ward, and Justin's Night Owl Productions table lined up one after another and each table featured mask masterpieces!
Featured Creatures Wolfman Mask
Featured Creatures Bicycle Girl and Inbred Mask
Night Owl's Zombie Prototype & Ghastly Ghoul
More pics from Maskfest...
Horror Sanctum's Dead Presidents Masks
Horror Sanctum's Meyers Masks
Custom Painted Calendar Masks at Dr. Lady's Table
Raffle Masks at Dr. Lady's Table
Prop Shop Table
Daniel Horne's Monster Show
Daniel Horne's Amazing Dr. Pretorius
Daniel Horne's Outrageous Pineytown Frank
Winner Mask
The biggest announcement of Maskfest had to be Don Post's re-issue of the classic Halloween 3 masks! Don Jr. was generous enough to hook me up with a signed 2011 catalog and a signed over-sized commemorative post card. 
Don Post Jr. answering questions
The new H3 Prototypes
The one-of-a-kind Green EA Skull!
Finally, the Universal Monster Army's display was truly awesome in both scale and scope. The history and rarity of the rubber was mind boggling. Here are a few pics...

....and with that, another Maskfest is in the books! Big thanks go out to EA,  the HMA'ers who helped set up and run the show,  all the artists, dealers, and guest for making this an unforgettable event.