Thursday, August 2, 2012

1988 Don Post Studios Catalog

 The 1988 Don Post Studios catalog would be the last of the decade to follow the bi-fold format. I've heard collectors affectionately refer to the the '88 catalog  as the "Tombstone catalog". Whatever you may call it, the folks at Don Post Studios obviously had some fun with the theme of this catalog.

The 1988 catalog saw a handful of new characters added to the Don Post Studio lineage.  Among those masks that debuted in '88 were "Roary", "Spike", "Gore" (which appeared to be a Mr. Hyde revamp and re-issue), "Stitches", "Wormwood", "Slobber",  and "Cheeks"


  1. Quick question. Will you eventually release all of the Don Post catalogs? Thanks

  2. Cool.... I really enjoy looking at Masks....

  3. Hi Anonymous-

    I'll scan and post every Don Post Catalog I have (which is 23 right now) I'm missing about half of the 90's catalogs, and most from 2000s.

    Hi there Doc! I really enjoy looking at masks too :)