Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy New Year Creeps!

Wow, 2017 came and went without any posting here on the ol' Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks, but that doesn't mean that this blog is dead. Far from it! Each month, over 1,000 of you rubber-lovin' head hunters still visit catalog posts; and over 12,000 posts from the archive are revisited re-read every month.

When I took time off from the blog, my intention was to spend time more time in the studio, and that has certainly been the case. I was more productive in 2017 than in any year in the past. These days I regularly post what's going on in the studio on the Devil's Workshop Instagram account. Feel free to join me there!

 With that being said, I still do plan to bring back the blog at some point. Over the past 15 months since I've stopped posting, I've continued to build up a pile of mask related materials, and I have MUCH to share. In fact, just last week I was fortunate enough to score a beautiful 1952 Topstone catalog...

 So fear not fellow mask freaks and rubber necks, the blog will indeed return. I don't have a date in mind, as I have a major pinball conversion project to tackle first, but I do indeed intend to bring this blog back when that is complete. I do miss firing up the old scanner and digitizing old ads, catalogs and articles.

In the meantime, enjoy the archives! In addition, enjoy these early months of the calendar year when a flurry of sneak peeks and new releases from mask makers 2018 lineups begin to appear.  Hope to see a bunch of you at Maskfest this year. It's the 10th year for Maskfest and it's primed to be the best ever. Cheers!