Friday, August 3, 2012

Off to Lollapalooza...

Greetings monster maniacs and lovers of latex. I'll be gone from the blog for the next three days. It's Lollapalooza time! I'll be back Monday with the 1989 Don Post Studios catalog. In the meantime, enjoy the archives 


  1. Have a Great Time Dude... I once went to a Concert in 1983...(I think)... Quiet Riot opened for Iron Maiden's "Piece of Mind" Tour... It was Awesome ... My favorite part was watching Rudy Sarso play the bass for the opening act... ( He later was with "Whitesnake" and worked for "Ozzy")

  2. Thanks Dr. T! I would have killed to see Quiet Riot open for Maiden. 1st time I saw Maiden was in '92 for the Fear of the Dark Tour. Great show!