Monday, January 31, 2011

Halloween Society's Halloween Report - Monster Land #8

Just got back from Key West and rest is needed. Before I retreat to the mausoleum, here's a quick post featuring an article from Forry Ackerman's Monster Land #8. Written by one of the Society founders, Ron Magid,  this article provided a look at some fun that Ron and Dante Renta had setting for a Halloween event back in 1985.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off to the beach...

I'll be on the beach for the next 5 days for a wedding in Key West. No posts til next week creeps. In the meantime, sit back with a tall frosty beer-ski or cocktail of your choice and check out the archives. Cheers!
Bayshore Zombie replica mask by Aaron Lewis
 Photo from J. Willis' Flickr Photostream Photo by Jackie Alpers,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video - Don Post Studios 1983 Frankenstein Mask

Here's beautiful copy of a Don Post Studios 1983 Frankenstein Mask. In perfect shape with the tag and all. I'm going to try hard to start incorporating more video into the blog, we'll see how it works out!

Video - 1983 Don Post Studios Phantom

To piggy-back the last post, here's another video of a classic Monster Mask - a 1983 Don Post White Phantom.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monte Ward - Horror Hound Mask

In 2007 Monte Ward sculpted this wicked Horror Hound mask based off the concept sketch of Jeff Rebner. The finished mask is nothing short of amazing! This devil dog is still in production and can be had at Monte's site MASKS and MONSTERS, and even more work can be seen on Monte's Deviant Art Page.
 In the sixth issue of Horror Hound Monte shares the entire process with readers. Because there are still some back issues of the magazine available, I am posting these as low resolution scans for now.

Friday, January 21, 2011

HeadHunters Quarterly #3

Continuing along with the goal of eventually scanning each of the HHQ issues to post and preserve for mask and monster enthusiasts, here is issue #3 (Vol.1 Num. 3)

Issue 3 features an inside look at several conventions and shows from early 1997 including the Chiller Theater Show, Wonderfest '97, and the 13th Annual Halloween Costume show in Chicago. Not as much purely mask related articles as other issues, but still a great look back at the convention scene in 1997!

In addition to the images here, the entire issue is available for download in PDF format, just right click and save creeps!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don Post Star Wars Mask Ad

To piggy back the cantina post from Monday, here's a quickie featuring the classic ad that ran for many issues in the late 70s and early eighties in Famous Monsters magazine.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Spina Cantina Collection

I had the sudden urge to track down an old Don Post Star Wars Cantina Alien mask last night. While searching the inter-webs, I ran into one of the most impressive collections of Star Wars Cantina Masks and Props I've ever seen at the Spina Cantina website.

The site showcases Tom Spina's amazing collection of Catina aliens and monsters. Some really amazing replicas created by Spina himself and others, as well as casts from original molds can be seen on the site. While there, be sure to check out the mask collection too!
Don Post Cantina Alien

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1994 Death Studios Catalog

 By the late eighties and early nineties Death Studios was considered by a good number of collectors, enthusiasts and haunters to be the premiere maker of monster masks. Having raised the bar year after year with the previous set of catalogs, Jeff Death did it once again with the 1994 catalog that featured some mask masterpieces.
1994 Death Studios Catalog (Front)
1994 Death Studios Catalog (Back)
Similar to the '93 catalog, in that it featured a great blend of new additions as well as some classic DS masks.  When looking back at the '94 line up, I think the conversation probably needs to start with "Bad Moon". Sculpted by Henry Alvarez, and modeled from the Howling werewolf, this massive mask measured 22" in height and 20" from ear to ear! Coupled with Dwight Shundo's "Werewolf Hands" this was (and still remains) one of most amazing masks ever offered by Death Studios.
Another all-time classic mask was introduced in the '94 catalog with Jordu Schell's "Healer". Featuring a super innovative design, this over-sized mask is so large, the the nostrils are the eye holes!

Personal copy of Death Studios - Bad Moon w/ Werewolf Hands
Personal copy of Death Studios - Healer
Also new to the 1994 line-up was "Ghengis" which was sculpted by Doug Goins and John Ramirez, "Carnage", Chris Hanson's super creepy "Jack in the Box", "Bone" and "Scratch".

In addition to the new masks, two new props and a puppet were introduced, including the "Cadaver", the "Screaming Dead", and the ridiculously cool "Maggot Puppet".

Check out the  earlier Death Studios Catalog posts:
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mad Ghoul Sculpt - Death Studios

Here's another sneak peek at the upcoming 2011 Death studios line-up. The "Mad Ghoul" looks like a classic in the making! The sculpt is obviously inspired by the cover Famous Monsters number 40. Hopefully it's offered with the same green paint scheme and hair. Hot damn am I excited about this one !!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horror House Mask Ad - Psycho Magazine

This full page Horror House Ad from page 36 of the January 1971 Psycho Magazine featured some great illustrations of monster masks and other ghoulish goodies. While only two masks are actually illustrated (Frankenstein's Monster Mask & Werewolf Mask) the order form at the bottom offers a variety of others including the Devil, Zombie, Witch, Man-from-Mars, and the always popular Horrible-Monster. I'm a big fan of the Shrunken Head and Horrible Hands myself!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daniel Horne's New Wearable Mask Line

Monster mask makers are wasting no time rolling out new masks for 2011! Daniel Horne has begun the new year by introducing several new additions to his "old-school" wearable mask line-up.

Daniel Horne is an absolute mask making machine, and his new line-up is rapidly taking shape. They're all super affordable and are instant monster mask classics! Here's a few pics, be sure to check the rest out at Daniel Horne's Monster Show.
Retro Glow Skull Mask
Radioactive Atomic Caveman - it doesn't get any better!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ALIEN Head Build

Check out this full size ALIEN head build on the ALIEN the Movie Blog. The blog hasn't been updated in a while, but there's some really nice archives of custom props and replicas for you ALIEN fans.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New 2011 Trick or Treat Studios Masks

Lots of new Monster Mask goodness is happening over at Trick or Treat Studios to kick off the New Year! Three new pieces were just debuted on their blog today. Neal Kennmore has joined the team and contributed an old school Devil sculpture titled Ol' Scratch. In addition, Eric Lubatti and Aaron Lewis have each created some great new zombie additions to the 2011 Trick or Treat catalog. It looks to be another very promising year for ToT Studios!
Eric Lubatti's "Chiller" Zombie Mask
Aaron Lewis' Toxictoon ROT mask

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boris Karloff - An Evening With Boris Karloff and His Friends [1967]

The Don Post Karloff Frankenstein mask on the cover is all this post has to do with monster masks... but hey that's enough for me!

I ran into this vinyl rip on the Good Night Whatever You Are blog where it was posted a little over a year ago and thought it would be a great little album to share and keep alive. Ol' Boris is in prime form here creeps. Enjoy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Early Don Post Ad - "Pull-Over" Rubber Masks

This early Don Post Studios Ad features the "Pull-On" Rubber Masks that were briefly mentioned in the article featured in Saturday's post. One of Don Post Studios first big hits in the mask market were the famous and infamous characters including the dictators collection pictured in the ad.
They're small, but you can make out a "Beggar Man", "Clown"  and "Stalin" on the wall, and a second "Clown" lying on the table behind Don Post Sr. in the photo below.

You gotta love that early Don Post Studios logo!