Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monster Mask Catalog Archive

Those who know me in the hobby know I've been an advocate of the creation of some sort of a Monster Mask Catalog Archive for some time now. For some reason or another, the mask collecting hobby is one of the few that does not have such a resource available. A few days ago I launched a "beta" version of such an archive here on the blog.
The goal of this archive is to gather the links to all the catalog posts from the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks onto one page. My thought was to organize the catalogs alphabetically by manufacturer. I've started with Don Post Studios. This is the initial format test where we can kick the tires a bit. If all goes right I'll be adding other manufacturers to the mix soon... 

You can check out the Monster Mask Catalog Archive via the link on the top navigation bar right under the blog banner.

In upcoming months, I'll focus on getting Distortions and Be Something Studios catalogs scanned and posted. A big thanks to the Green Ghoul for the killer high resolution Distortions scans that were sent over last week! In addition, some of the DPS catalogs in the archive are labelled "coming soon" these are catalogs which I own, but have yet to post.

Hopefully over time we can fill in the gaps and the archive can become the valuable resource for our hobby that I've hoped for for so long.


  1. A most excellent idea, Maestro of Maskology! Too much valuable information gets splattered on the net like some kind of broadband paintball. Conserving an otherwise tough topic to mine from the 'net into a cohesive archive is the stuff of dreams for researchers.
    Thanks for a job well done.

  2. Love the idea! I would love to have a hard copy. Like a book of the archives! That would be so cool! But I love the idea of the archives can't wait to see them all up!

  3. Thanks gentlemen! I'm excited about it too:)

  4. Hey, I know you are focused more so on the masks in each catalog, but is there anyway to scan the entire catalog so we as collectors can make a archive alongside yous of full length catalogs?

  5. Hi Dave-

    Glad you're enjoying the scans. It really depends on the catalog. I make every attempt to scan the catalogs cover to cover with the exception of the 2011 and 2012 Don Post catalogs which each have over 20 pages of make-up.

    1. That is cool. I mean I love the masks the most but the props some of the companies make are awesome as well. Makeup and appliances I'm not too intrigued by. Every company seems to make the same type ones. But the props I enjoy too. Just a thought. I appreciate the reply! Big fan!