Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Masks of HtMMtDSW

This is one of my favorite nuggets in all of the Monster Mask universe... the How to Make Masks the Death Studios Way video cassette.

It represents so many good memories to me. First, and foremost, it taught me how to make the things I love so very much.

Second, it showcases masks that represent very pinnacle of mask making at the time. In my humble opinion, Death Studios had taken the throne from Distortions Unlimited in 85-86. Just look at this shelf of masks. Simply amazing creations. Wolf! still gives me goose bumps when I look at it. Absolute bad-assery!

Top/Left: Vampyre, Thrash, Dead Ed Prop, Junkyard Kid, Swamp Monster, Helion,
Bottom/Left: Mangler, RIP2, Wolf!, Infected, Carnivore 3

Third, it also represents the pinnacle for Halloween at that point in my life. I was first introduced to Death Studios masks (Swamp Monster, Dead Guy) when I worked at a local Jaycees Haunted House  in 1988-89. It was the first time I had worked a haunt, and the experience literally changed me forever.

And last, the tape offered a behind the scene glimpse into a place where magic was (and still is) made. These images and the video on the tape will always remind me of all these things and put a hopelessly huge smile on my face...

The glaring eyes of the Death Studios "Vampyre" mask

Death Studios Mangler Mask

Sculpture of "The Dead" prop

"Gargoyle" Sculpture

Molding the "Lord of the Pit" Sculpture

"Corpus Delitcti" Blank Cast

"Alien Dead" Blank Cast

The Mold Room

"Belial" blank cast. This was an early Death Studios mask sculpted by Kirk Brady

I think these are "Helions"

I think these are "Cool Blue"

"Invader" Blank

"Mr. Big" Blank Cast

In Progress Painting of "Cool Blue" Casts

In Progress Painting of "Death Guy" Mask

In Progress Painting of "Elephant Man"Mask

In Progress Painting of "Saurian" Casts

"Dead Ed" Prop, Saurian, Swamp Monster

In Progress Painting of "Dead Ed" Cast

In Progress Hairing of "RIP2" Mask

n Progress Hairing of "Elephant" Mask

In Progress Hairing of "Death Guy 2" Mask

"Half Dead", "Under Wraps" Masks

Top/Left: Mangler, RIP2, Wolf!, Infected, Carnivore 3
Bottom/Left: Invader, Death Guy, Half Dead, Under Wraps, Bite, Hellspawn

"Dr. Klaw", "RIP 2", "Cool Blue" Master Copies

Jeff Death concludes the tape with words of encouragement


  1. That is awesome! I want a copy!

  2. I have heard of this Death Studios video but have never laid eyes on it myself. Very cool of you Phantom to share some pics of it! So many classic masks and a few I've never seen before. Watching a master in his field creating his wonderful pieces has got to be such a joy. I just may have to borrow this from you ;)

    Seeing a very young Jeff is hoot!

  3. I'll bring the tape to Maskfest this year :-)

  4. I have the Saurian mask from the screen grab :) Always wanted a suit, or at least gloves, to go with it. It's a fantastic mask. The rubber is a good 5mm thick. It's one of my prized possessions.

  5. I have the Saurian mask in this video! 😁

  6. I've never seen a Saurian in person Jeff. Those early Death Studios masks are quite rare!

    1. Jeff was doing a sale of the masks on his shelf. The Saurian was one, and I fell in love with it. I just had to have it! So it's now here in the UK. I've actually been able to wear it, and it fits perfectly. We've just moved, so it's in a box somewhere. When I find it I'll get some high-res pictures of it to share with you 😃

  7. Here's a couple of VERY old photo's that I did a little photo-manipulation with around the eyes. When I find the box it's in I'll take some Hi-Res photo's with my DSLR and post them in the same folder. Here's the link for those interested:


    Apologies for the double-post earlier by the way.

  8. Thanks for the link to the pics Jeff! If it's cool with you, I'll make a post with them (full credit to you of course), but this way folks can find them a little easier.

    It's a gorgeous copy you have!