Monday, July 22, 2013

Nightmare (1981)

Nightmare (1981) is yet another early 80's slasher movie that features a psycho-killer with a knife wearing a Don Post Studios mask.

You may have never seen the movie, but you're already familiar with the basic premise... "A mental-patient, who is troubled with horrible nightmares, has escaped from his hospital. Now on the streets he can't help killing innocent people."

The Nightmare killer sports a Don Post Studios "Shiek" mask sans-head gear. The mask appeared in the 1980 DPS catalog, and is a variation of the Mr. Kool mask from the 1979 catalog...



  1. Tighty-whitey's: The Motion Picture.

    Love how the trailer fakes you out: *Special-effects director Tom Savini!

  2. Did someone say Tighty Whiteys the Motion Picture!?!