Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1998 Distortion Unlimited Catalog

The 20th Anniversary Catalog from Distortions Unlimited...


  1. Was just at a haunt last Halloween that had that big troll on the cover

  2. Awesome, I love the Ghost and Desert Demon. The Devil Dog and Ancient Evil are pretty impressive too.

    Thanks for scanning these in!

  3. We've got similar tastes in Distortions masks Doug. I only have 4 Distortions masks in my collection, and one is the Desert Demon, and another is the Ancient Evil mask.

    1. I really want to build up my collection. Don't have too many at all right now. I'd like to make some myself too. What are the other two Distortions masks you have?

    2. I also have a Distortions Skull. It was my very first mask, I wore it for several Halloweens as part of a Grim Reaper costume.

      I also have a Distortions "Ghost" mask. Not the same one from this catalog, but the one on page 6 of the 1990 catalog.

      If you're looking for some decent step-by-step instructions for making masks, check out this how-to site I made a while back: