Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monster Mask Ad - Castle of Frankenstein #4

The fourth issue of Castle of Frankenstein magazine (published in May 1964) contained this Frankenstein's Monster Mask ad appears to be for one of the early Don Post Studios Frankie masks...

The ad was part of the Chamber of Horrors ads that appeared on pages 50 & 51 and is another variation of the ones previously posted here and here.

There are some reader photos with a few fun mask shots. It appears that one of the readers is sporting a Topstone Werewolf in the top right photo.  I can't tell for sure what the Frankenstein pictured here actually is. I don't think it's the Don Post Frankenstein Headpiece, as it doesn't appear to have the same number of headbolts, but it's possible that the hair has been combed is covering them. The photo is also taken before the release of the DPS "Smooth Strange", so it's possible that this is a homemade creation...


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