Friday, July 12, 2013

Luminous Masklite Cut-outs

I don't know much about the origins of these creepy little vintage cutouts. They were apparently made in the 1950's. There were a number of characters offered including a Devil, Skull, Owl, Witch, Black Cat, a Pipe Smoking Fellow, Jack o Lantern, Indian, and a furry creature of either the Gorilla or Werewolf variety.
There were metal grommets on the sides of these that create some depth to the mask and provide a place to insert an elastic head band.  Each mask had a label containing the following text:

Glows in the Dark
after short exposure to light
Made in the USA

Luminous Jack'O Lantern Cut Out Mask
Luminous Skull Cut Out Mask
Luminous Clown Cut Out Mask
Luminous Werewolf (or Goriila?) Cut Out Mask
Jolly Pipe-Smoking Felow

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