Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have an Explosive 4th!!!

Back in high school and my early days of college, myself and a few friends shot a series of short films featuring a character we dubbed "Super Psycho Man" who always wore a Distortions Unlimited "Ghost" mask.

The last of the Psycho Man shorts was titled Super Psycho Man meets Manhole Maloney. Let me set this one up... "Manhole" Maloney was my good friend's room mate. Mr. Maloney would religiously come home from work every night and pass out on the couch after a few beers. We decided it would be a hoot if Super Psycho Man were to pay him a surprise visit.

For the better part of a year we had an ongoing series of random firework wars in the apartment. Yes, that's right, IN THE APARTMENT. What can I say, we we're all a bit crazy in our youth. When fireworks, monster masks, cameras, and beer are all involved, weird things can happen.

I think it also should be accompanied by a disclaimer.  Don't throw fireworks at your friends. Especially inside.  But if you do, you should probably film it.

Here are a few screen shots of the flurry...