Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Morris Fantasie Masks

Today is the first day in a series of posts featuring the odd ball masks found within the pages of the 83-84 Morris Costumes Mask catalog. The first two pages of the catalog featured Morris exclusive masks under the title of "Fantasie Masks" and "Fantasie Faces".

I haven't a clue who the artist was that created the Hollywood Fantasie Masks, but I am a big fan of the "Grim Reaper", "Howler", and "Mad Monk". They have a classic early 80's feel and a touch of Be Something Studios. If you have any information on these, please feel free to post a comment.

The Fantasie Faces are a different type of "mask" altogether. These latex prosthetics are described as a "totally new concept". While not quite made of the same material, I imagine these were very similar in concept to Imagineering's FACE masks.


  1. Hey....That Is Me..!!!
    item # FA-78

  2. Distortions Unlimited made these 1/2 masks for them .... My "Grim Reaper" (prototype) was painted a light greyish-blue.... Gordon Wheeler made the facial applications...

  3. Thanks for the info Doc! I was hoping you'd be able to shed some light on these.