Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1983-84 Traveller's Monster Masks

Today is the second day in a series of posts featuring the odd ball masks found within the pages of the 83-84 Morris Costumes Mask catalog. Page 12 of the catalog was home to the 1983 Traveller's mask lineup. While these masks were widely considered by many to be low cost throwaways, I think they have a definite classic Halloween charm (that of the dime store variety). For those interested in more info and history on Travelers Co. Masks, check out this detailed post from the Crimson Ghost on the Halloween Mask Association.


  1. We called that part of the warehouse the "Nightmare Section"... they were shipped to us (at Morris Costumes) by a company called "Nadell"
    1 15 foot tall collapsing stack of boxes (from China) lined the entire wall....

  2. I love hearing your stories and memories of working at Morris! Thanks for another one Doc :)