Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1988 Distortions Unlimited Catalog

These beautiful 1988 Distortions catalog scans come courtesy of the Night Owl Green Ghoul. The masks featured in this catalog represent my personal favorite era of Distortions Unlimited masks. Not because they were among Distortions' best masks (I'm of the opinion that the early 80's masks were some of the best monster masks ever made) but rather because these are among the first Distortions masks I remember seeing. Needless to say, they floored me.

Back in the late 80's, these were scary masks. The Classic Series and the Shadow Series absolutely blew my mind at the time. Each of the two series were affordable, scary, and had eyes. They actually had eyes! My young mind went spinning wondering how eyes could be incorporated into a rubber monster mask. Were they see through? Were they hard plastic? How was such a thing possible?

There are so many designs in this catalog that I'm fond of including Letcher, Ripper, Ghost, Decay, and Witch.  I still adore these masks and really feel they are wonderful examples of the genius of Ed Edmunds as a mask maker. In addition to these Distortions Classics, the Bill Malone and Steve Johnson masks have got to be among the finest masks Distortions Unlimited ever released during any era. There's not much that needs to be said for these, the masks speak for themselves.

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