Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1965 Collegeville Costume Catalog

The 1965 Collegeville Costumes catalog features a robust line-up of masks and costumes including a number of "innovative" promotional lines, licensed characters, and classics. Like most of the Collegeville catalogs from the late 60s and 70s, it's full of amazing period graphic design and illustration. This particular catalog was a file copy from the company headquarters and remains in great condition for it's age.

The licensed vintage costumes and masks include Woody Woodpecker, Bozo, Shrinkin' Violette, Popeye, Super Chief, Casper, Spook- a- nanny, Wendy Witch, Fred Gonk, Gone Gonk, Rat Fink and Surf Fink to name a few.

New concepts introduced in the '65 line-up include the "Wig 'n' Mask" line and the wacky double sided "Two-in-One" costumes...

Hope you enjoyed the '65 catalog. I have a '63 & '73 that I'll eventually get around to scanning and posting here too. Stay tuned creeps!