Friday, February 17, 2012

Vic Rattlehead Mask

Yesterday, I ran into some great pics from the current Megadeth tour "Killing Road". The band has been on the road for the majority of 2012. In fact, they just swung through my neck of the woods last week with Motorhead. A dream line-up from my teenage years indeed! Although, I passed the show up due to the $150 dollar ticket. No, worries, I've seen both a good number of times, although the double bill would've been nice. It's hard to pass up a Motorhead show.

Alright, back to the point of the post. Among the photos I ran into of the Megadeth tour were some nice shots of their masked mascot in action, none other than Mr. Vic Rattlehead. Here's a nice write-up on the maker of the Vic Rattlehead mask and costume.

Image Source: Megadeth on Facebook


  1. That mask is so wicked! An on-stage opportunity like that to showcase his costume...I'm sure he'll never forget it.

  2. Last week at this very time, I was in Chicago at the Motorhead and Megadeth show. It was fucking awesome. Made me hate my life all the more this week when I was back in Richmond and working, but hey. Thanks for posting this! You totally shoulda forked out the dough. It was amazing.

  3. Great to hear Jenn! I'm sure the show was nothing short of amazing. It was a tough call not to drop the paper. Next time you're in Chicago don't be afraid to give me a shout. The first cocktail is on me!

  4. I am Bob from the article, and that's not my mask... the original mask looks much better then that, as you can see from the article pictures....