Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trick or Treat Studios 2012 Halloween Expo Display

The Night Owl Ghoul posted some fabulous photos from the 2012 Halloween Expo from the Trick or Treat display on Flickr. All I can say, is Holy Shit Crapola!!! Start saving your pennies headhunters!

I see at least a dozen masks here that need to come home with me. It's time to build a new addition to the Phantom crib. Check 'em out creeps...

Thanatoid and Syngenor
Cousin Eerie, Hellboy, and the Goon
Decayed, Gluten Freak, Albino Ghoul and more
Halloween II Masks
The Blue Bansee, Ugly Roomer, and the Gluten Freak

Image Source: Night Owl Ghoul Flickr Photostream


  1. They've got some pretty crazy masks this year. Hey Phantom, is that a Slappy redux in the 2nd to the last pic?

  2. Yes sir, that is indeed Slappy. Sloppy will also be in the ToT 2012 line-up :)

  3. I think ToT Studios may be my favorite modern mask maker! They never cease to blow me away!!