Monday, February 20, 2012

1990 Distortions "Grave News" Ad

This Distortions "Grave News Form the Other Side" Ad could be found in several issues of both Fango and Gorezone in mid to late 1990 in color and black and white variations. This ad ran around the same time as the "Beam of Darkness" ad.

The top row of the ad showcased the entire Distortions "Extreme Series".  This was a bizarre run of masks, each with a grossly exaggerated sensory feature. The masks pictured in row 2 came from Distortion's "Scream Series". While the final row belong to Distortions premium "Infinity Series"

In my opinion, one of the scariest Distortions masks of the 90's could be found in this ad... the Distortions "Frightmare" mask...
Distortions - Frightmare Mask

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  1. I loved his use of a hot-glue gun to add the "goo" around the mouth of these masks.....