Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Headhunters Quarterly Vol. 3 Num. 2

Continuing along with the goal of eventually scanning each of the HHQ issues to preserve for mask and monster enthusiasts, here is issue #10 (Vol.3 Num.2). As always, a .PDF of the issue can be downloaded, just right click here and save!
 Issue #10 was the second Headhunters Quarterly published in 1999, and it remains one of my personal favorite issues. Not because of a single article, but rather because HHQ had really found it's stride with a number of excellent departments and features. The editors and contributors had absolutely hit a homerun with this issue. Like all previous issues, HHQ #10 kicked off with the "Headatorial" & "Cool New Stuff" departments. At three full pages, this was one of the most impressive showings of new mask releases that could be found in any issue of HHQ. Harry Inman's Dark Studio, Death Studios, Dr. Lady, Phil Nichols, Ed Martinez, Jeff Wehenkel, and Darkside Studios were all featured...

Issue #10 also covered the Transworld '99. For those of us who didn't have access to the event, this was the only coverage available of the national Halloween and costume show...

Next up was a wonderful article entitled "Everything Old is New Again", by mask collector and enthusiast Dan Roebuck. Re-reading the article still brings back warm and fuzzy memories of my youth, as well as the year that was 1999. It was a great time to be a monster lover in general!
Part two of "The Return of the Classic Don Post Universal Monsters Masks!" was the portion of issue #10 that most of us head hunters were waiting for since issue #9. In the part 2, the Karloff Frank, Moleman, Phantom and Hunchback are showcased. 

 And, of course, like all previous issues of HHQ, the issue wound down nicely with the Subscriber Classifieds...

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