Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trick or Treat Studios 2012

It's about that time of year when the new masks for the year start popping up. Such is the case with Trick or Treat Studios, where some of the new 2012 monster masks are starting to show up. ToT Studios set a very high bar for themselves with their 2010 and '11 line-ups. The first few glimpses for 2012 do not disappoint! It appears that ToT will continue to offer the highest quality mass produced masks on the market. Four new editions to the line-up can be seen on the ToT site, starting with Justin Mabry's Cousin Eerie mask...
Trick or Treat - Cousin Eerie Mask
 In news that will surely thrill long time mask collectors and headhunters, Bill Malone joins the Trick or Treat Studios team for 2012!  Seen below are Mr. Malone's Shadow Hill Demon and Syngenor Mask. The Syngenor, is of course, from the 1981 classic Scared to Death, and is cast directly from the film mold!  
Trick or Treat Studios - Shadow Hill Demon Mask

Trick or Treat Studios - Syngenor Mask
 My personal favorite ToT Studios mask the "Ghastly Ghoul" is being offered up in an alternate albino paint scheme. I've got a front-room window and black light already in mind for Halloween for this creepy-ass mask...
These are just a few from the Trick or Treat Studios 2012 line-up. Keep your eyes on their site for more 2012 releases.