Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Masks of Famous Monsters - Issue # 39

Welcome to the sixteenth installment in The Masks of Famous Monsters Series. Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was an absolute treasure trove of early mask history. By combing through the 191 issues published between 1958-1983, it's possible to gain a good understanding of the decades of evolution and history of Don Post Studios and Topstone monster masks. The eventual goal of this series is to catalog and archive each monster mask appearance in the pages Famous Monsters.

The June 1966  issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine greeted monster mask fans with an article from co-owner of Don Post Studios, Verne Langdon.  Mr. Langdon would occasionally contribute write-ups like this one titled "The Men Behind the Monsters... News from the Make-up World". These articles always offered the reader some nice behind the scenes photos and info...

There was little else in the way on monster masks until page 68 of issue #39. This ad format was introduced back in issue #35, and has been published here before, but it's always fun to revisit the ads from time to time... 


  1. I get to "Pod-Cast" ...."Dr. Evil"... (Phil Morris)....of Morris Costumes... in November....Awesome..!!!

  2. REALLY looking forward to that doc! Please keep us posted :)

  3. Just rocked out to Forbidden Dimension's "Tor Johnson Mask"!