Thursday, October 25, 2012

1994-95 GAG Studios Catalog

This GAG Studios catalog may not contain any monster masks, but they do contain some killer props. While I can't say for certain, I believe these catalogs date around 1994-95. It was around this time that these props showed up at the local Spencer's gift shop and they blew me away. In the Fall of 1994 we were working on our third consecutive home haunt and were hungry for props. GAG Studios answered the call.

I started with some small prop purchases that year. I was sophomore in college, and like most college kids, I was poor as hell. But I took portions of my measly pay checks straight to Spencers. I remember picking up the small "Rat Skull" prop first. From there I moved on the the "Deluxe Skull Wreath". Both of these props are smaller are long gone, probably heisted in our haunt. I went for some larger props during the day after Halloween clearance sale and bought two GAG Studios props that I still have to this day, which include the large "Deluxe Gargoyle" and the super cool "Casket". Both of these have remained staples in our Halloween yard display for years. In fact, this weekend I'll be popping open the door to the attic to crawl in and retrieve these props for the big week ahead.

I'm of the opinion that these are some of the best mass produced props that were ever offered to the public. I say this because of several factors. First and foremost, they were affordable. Second, they were light weight, durable, and easy to store. Third they were designed by monster maker and mask enthusiast Jeff Wehenkel. Jeff is one of the true gentlemen in the industry and, along with Jim Kessler, was responsible for the Head Hunters Quarterly Magazine.

These single page flyers contain a few of my all time favorite Halloween props... the Count, the Count Casket and the Haunted Knight...

GAG Studios -  The Count Prop
GAG Studios - Haunted Knight Prop


  1. I really wanted that Dressed to Compress table!

  2. The table was an awesome prop in person Lee. It's been a good 15 years since the last time I've seen one. Man, time flies by!