Friday, October 5, 2012

1994 Distortions Catalog

With season 2 of Making Monsters in full swing, it's only fitting to have a few extra Distortions posts this month. These beautiful hi-res 1994 Distortions catalog scans come courtesy of the Night Owl Green Ghoul. 1994 was Distortions 15th anniversary and was one of the last company catalogs to have a heavy focus on monster masks...


  1. I remember seeing the catalog pics for the Alien costume...MAN did I want that! I never saw a physical version, so I cannot judge how the thing actually looked in person (probably not as nice as the prototype shown here). All I know is it was WAY out of my price range at the time. I wish I could remember where I originally saw this advertised. Fango, maybe? Some really good stuff in this catalog.

  2. You're not kidding G-Man! I wanted that thing SO bad. Of course it looked amazing in the catalog. At the time, I didn't have an actual color copy of the catalog either, just bad zerox copy from a mail order costume shop, but it still looked so bad-ass.

    Totally out of my price range too. In '94, I was a sophomore in college and couldn't touch that piece. Of course, almost twenty years later, I still couldn't justify dropping a few grand on a costume but we can dream :)