Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1985 Death Studios Catalog

It's been far too damn long since there's been a Death Studios post around here.  The 1983 Death Studios Catalog is one of my all time favs. This massive 24 inch long tri-fold makes for an impressive poster of classic Death Studios goodness.

This is the earliest full color Death catalog I have in my collection, as the 1982 and 1983 catalogs are both black and white. The 1985 Death Studios line-up had exploded to a robust 32 masks, with 9 new masks featured at the bottom of the catalog. These new additions included the licensed Burman characters "The Overdog" and "Gargoyle", and the Bill Nelson "Millennium" alien, which was originally sculpted in 1979. In addition, several of the Kirk Brady creations, which appeared in this article, were featured in the 1985 Death Studios catalog...


  1. the "Ultimate Alien" was grey when it arrived at Morris Costumes in early 80's....

  2. I just picked up a Bill Nelson Millennium mask!

  3. Nice Score Bryan! I used to have a copy of that mask. I sold it about a year ago along with 5-6 other vintage D.S. pieces. I wish I had the room to have kept them all and add a few other Death pieces into the collection.