Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yellow Phantom Mask

 I had a flawed copy of the FMCP Phantom laying around the studio, and decided to do a custom paint job based on my blog avatar yesterday.
 Three copies came out of the molds this past winter with pitted foreheads. I couldn't sell these flawed copies with the regular edition. So rather than pitching 'em in the trash, I decided to have some fun. I kinda the like the really minimal color palate and the rough retro feel!
Pictured above are my three FMCP Phantoms. The Purple copy is #13 from the series.  I painted this copy as a one-off for a Halloween themed art show at the Tattoo Factory in Chicago last year. The green copy is the paint master featuring the standard paint scheme. And at the right is the Yellow Phantom copy. The spots on the forehead can be seen relative to the others.

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