Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mask Ads - Creepy #6 and 7

This is our 4th post featuring the mask ads that appeared in vintage issues of Creepy Magazine. I'm going to try make a monthly Creepy mask related post a habit around here.

Issue #6 was the first issue to feature a full page ad for the CREEPY MASK. Right there on the back cover in full color! The CREEPY mask was available in two formats: the "Fabulous" CREEPY mask for a mere $4.95, and the Super Fantastic DeLuxe Model CREEPY mask with real hair for $14.95. Yes indeed, it was almost alive!
Full page Don Post CREEPY mask ad

Creepy #7

Issue #7, released in February 1965,  had a lot going for it. First, this stunning cover from Frank Frazetta. Easily among my favorite illustrations of all time!
 Second, a full page ad for the Don Post Studios Calendar Masks was featured on page 65. While I've posted a few Calendar Mask ads, this particular variation has not yet made an appearance here yet.
Black and White Don Post Studios Calendar Mask Ad
 And once again, the full page CREEPY mask ad would appear on the back cover. This ad is a definite variation as the text differs from issue #6.
Variant text full page Don Post CREEPY mask ad

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