Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don Post 1983 Universal Monsters - Faces to Remember Part 2

Now this is some of the good stuff here... I received some emails a few days ago containing these beautiful hi-resolution scans 1983 Don Post Universal Studios reissues. These images absolutely knocked my socks off as I've never seen a copy of the 1983 catalog. My only exposure to these dapper dressed ghouls was the black and white "Faces to Remember" ad I posted last week.

Big thanks Billy for sending these over, and putting a big smile on my face when I opened up those emails!
Don Post Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask
Don Post 1983 Karloff Frankenstein Mask
Don Post White Phantom of the Opera Mask
Don Post Sargoth Mask


  1. Love the tuxedos with these. Don Post is so good! That Frankenstein mask is just grand!

  2. Agreed, there's something about a monster in a tuxedo that just works so well :)

  3. Wow! Nice scans. The Creature is my favorite atom-age monster and Don Post did him proud.