Saturday, May 7, 2011

Halloween Society Catacomb - Monsterland #3

Ron Magid of the Halloween Society contributed to a number of Forry's Monsterland magazines with a column titled "The Halloween Society Catacomb". Occasionally the column featured a write up pertaining to the world of masks, on other occasions like this, it featured an effects artist or sculptor.
Catacomb in issue #3 highlights the work of then up and coming artist Jack Bricker. At the time Bricker had worked on a few large productions including The Terminator and Starman. These days, Jack's ImDB page features an impressive list of credits with KNB EFX.
Like all early issues of Monsterland, Don Post Studios mask ads could be found in the issue. Check out the super swank monster masks in tuxedos!
Don Post Studios Star Wars Mask Ad

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