Friday, May 27, 2011

Brady Bunch - The Slumber Caper

Anyone who grew up in the 70s is sure to  remember this classic season 2 episode of the Brady Bunch that originally aired back on October 7th 1970. "The Slumber Caper" featured some excellent close up shots of budget Don Post Frankenstein, Phantom, and Creature masks.  On top of the excellent mask bits, the blinking skull in the refrigerator is a favorite of mine that brings back so many early Halloween memories. Albeit brief, there are 3-4 minutes of this episode that remind me of the love and joy of a good scare in a rubber monster mask!
The episode can be found on YouTube in 3 parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 . Part two is really the only one that features mask shots, which begin at 5 minutes and 35 seconds through the clip, with another excellent bit at 6:47.
Here's an ad featuring the 100 Line Don Post masks used in the episode...
Be sure to check out the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks second post on the Slumber Caper.

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