Friday, November 12, 2010

Zombie Mask - Flesh Eater

This zombie mask showed up in the mail a few days ago after I snagged it up on Fee-Bay about a week ago.

This mask holds a very dear place in my heart as I sculpted it back in 1996 for Death Studios. It was the first mask of mine to make it into in a Death Studios line-up appearing in the 1997 catalog.

Here's a photo of the Flesh Eater from the Death Studios Catalog

Here's a brief history of the Flesh Eater. The mask was actually produced three different times. Originally by the Devil's Workshop in 1996 for a short while, where only 4 copies were ever produced under the name of "Decayed". Next, the mask was offered by Death Studios under the name "Flesh Eater" for a couple of years before being added to the Dark Side Studios line-up in 1999-2000. Darkside Paul produced the mask for a few more years in the early 2000's.
I never requested a copy from DS or DSS as I had made one copy for myself. Without much thought I sold my copy always thinking I would grab one while it was still in production. In late 1998 I went back to college for a few years I dropped out of the mask world and so did the Flesh Eater.
Here's a photo of my long gone original copy

The copy I now have is from Darkside Studios and it's beautiful. Paul did a great job on the paint work and I absolutely LOVE the hair. I'm happy as hell to have one in my collection, although my wife is probably getting sick of it hanging out on the dining room table for the last 3-4 days!

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