Saturday, November 6, 2010

Verne Langdon Zombie Mask Ad

This full-page color ad from the back cover of Famous Monsters #104 features quite possibly the most sought after mask of them all... the Verne Langdon Zombie. For most collectors it remains the holiest of holy grails!

The Zombie mask was created by Verne in 1972, about 4 years after he left Don Post studios. The mask first appeared on the cover of the Creepy 1972 Annual. After Warren Publishing received a number of inquires about the mask Verne decided to produce a limited number of these in his spare time along with the help of Terry Smith. Verne has stated that he remembers making around a dozen and Terry completing about twice that before the advertisement was retired.

At some point in a future post we'll take a look at the reissue and recasts of this legendary monster mask!

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