Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EC Old Witch Mask

I had one of those awesome "Holy Crap!" moments while browsing the inter-webs today. I ran into a photo of this killer Old Witch mask by Steve Fiorilla.

I had never seen this amazing mask, nor heard of the artist, which is strange as I'm a big fan of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink, who Fiorilla did several illustrations of. Fiorilla (January 12, 1961 – July 29, 2009) was quite a talented illustrator and sculptor, and is responsible for the animated "Guillotine" MTV logo that many of us remember.

Fiorilla also sculpted masks for Death Studios! The "Bite" mask from the 1986 catalog is a Fiorilla classic as is the Death Studios "Demon Chest".
Demon Chest from the 1991 Death Studios Line-up
Demon Chest pictured on the cover of Bloodsongs #8


  1. Whoa - kick-ass! Thanks for sharing. Love it.

  2. How about it! You gotta love running into random coolness on the web!