Monday, November 29, 2010

Topstone Halloween Mask Ads - Mad Monsters Magazine (1963)

Flipping through a scan of Mad Monsters Magazine #6 yesterday I was thrilled to find several ads for Topstone Halloween masks scattered throughout the issue. I always loved the old Keith Ward illustrations of these masks!  Note: the "Shock Monster" is shown below as the "Horror" Zombie.

Page 56 - Frankenstein Mask

Page 58 - Ad for the Topstone D-line  (De-Luxe) masks

Page 62 - Two-in-One Face Masks!

Page 64 - The classic Shock Monster & Gorilla mask.


  1. The masks of your site are amazing. The mad monster masks are good. The way explained to prepare the mask is also good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love these.....i would have been about 8.....had a "paper route" as a young "buck-a-roo" and collected all sorts of classic monster stuff....brings back SO MANY FOND MEMORIES !

    1. Glad to hear these ads brought back good monster memories Mark! Happy Halloween!!!

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