Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1988 Distortions Ad

Distortions Unlimited Halloween Mask Ad for the Flesh & Blood line up in 1988. This ad features some of my personal favorite Distortions masks including the "Jack-O-Lantern" mask, the "Hell Hound" and the Uncle Creepy inspired "Letcher". It also featured a new look for the Distortions brand along with the tag line "So real you can almost hear them DRIP!"
The ad also features the very first Halloween mask I would ever buy. The Skull mask was the highlight of my Halloween back in 1988 when I trick or treated as the Grim Reaper! Here's a pic of my Skull mask  which I still have. The bridge of the nose cracked this past year at some point, so my first mask ever will end up being my first mask repair job too!

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