Friday, October 22, 2010

2010 Trick or Treat Studios Catalog

Here's a copy of the Trick or Treat Studios catalog I snagged at Maskfest 2010 back in March. I LOVE the concept of this flier and the Shock Doctor on the back!  Makers of "Masks to DIE for!", Trick or Treat features a great blend of Retro style masks and modern monsters and by the looks of things has had a great first year.

Earlier this summer I got my first Trick or Treat mask in the mail. The Ghastly Ghoul, sculpted by Justin Mabry, is hands down the best mass produced mask I have bought in the past 20 years. The mask I received looks just like the photo in the catalog with a top notch paint job and a decent thickness for a mass produced piece. Here's my copy which I added some pupils to:

This is just the first of many T'oT masks I'd like to add to the family. Shock Monster is next up and then Radioactive Zombie!

In addition to their site, you can check out the Trick or Treat Blog here!


  1. Check out our new 2011 catalog: