Monday, October 4, 2010

Horror Sounds of the Night

Hey Creeps! We're taking a brief break from masks for the first post of October. Instead I'm sharing my first and favorite Halloween sound effects tape, Topstone's classic Horror Sounds of the Night. On the original tape, Side A & Side B were the same. Here Side A is broken into two tracks, while Side B can be heard in it's entirety. Look for more classic sound effects tapes leading up to Halloween.

Download Horror Sounds of the Night

Link updated: 1-18-13


  1. Thank you, this is a huge part of my halloween memories.

  2. Can you tell me what that organ music is on the second track? I think it's a classical piece.

  3. Hi, this is great for you to provide people with these sound files that bring back old memories. I unfortunately can't seem to download this one. It comes up on the site "Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)"

  4. Link updated, thanks for pointing out that the link was no longer usable :)

  5. I own this tape and always wanted it in digital format. Thank you for posting this! Still one of the great oldies out there... that pipe organ sound will never leave my nightmares.

  6. At the price for which copies of this cassette are selling, it's good to know that one can get all the recordings on this tape just by buying three old Hallowe'en LP's:

    - BBC Records & Tapes's Volume 13: Sound Effects DEATH & HORROR (1977)
    (The first track on the cassette is taken from this album, listed here as "Phantom of the Opera ('Organ' Sounds)")

    - Power Records, "Ghostly Sounds" (presumed early '70s)
    (The second track on the cassette is taken from this LP, identified here as "The Phantom of the Cathedral". Two versions of this LP exist, with near identical album covers: the first edition has pink record labels, is reputed to have narration and lists "The Phantom of the Cathedral" as the second track on Side 2, after "The Mad Harpist". The second edition, with yellow labels, moves "The Mad Harpist" to the end of Side 1, and begins Side 2 with "The Phantom of the Cathedral", exactly as it is included on the "Horror Sounds of the Night" cassette.)

    - Pickwick International, "Sounds to Make You Shiver" (presumed mid-'70s)
    (Believe it or not, the entire remainder of the "Horror Sounds of the Night" cassette is taken directly from Side 2 of this album, in the same running order. It seems like the compiler of "Horror Sounds of the Night" found two favored pieces on the first two albums, then either got bored or distracted and just let the third album play until the tape ran out. On the original album, they are listed in order as "Witch Laugh", "Count Dracula and His Victim" (occasionally noted for its somewhat X-rated overtones), "Screams & Groans" (actually two separate tracks of screams, apparently made by the same lady who appears in "Count Dracula and his Victim"), "Moans & Groans", "Cats", "Dogs", "Banging Shutter", "Phantom Piano", "Creaky Door", and part of "Breaking Windows".)

    If you shop around, you can get all three of these albums for less than $50 (with the BBC LP most likely being the most expensive one). I now have all three. Happy hunting! :)

  7. Thanks for the detailed info BarnyRubble!

    Is there a big difference in sound quality of the LPs? The tape is awful lo-fi.

  8. I am so glad I found this! Thank you! I have loved and used this cassette for many Halloweens and I have since wanted to try to convert it to digital, but it always sounded terrible. This is a great copy of it and it sounds just as good as the original. Thank you again!