Friday, October 8, 2010

Don Post Calendar Masks

Greetings Creeps, the infamous Monster Calendar featuring the classic Don Post Deluxe Mask series is the focus of today's post. Designed and created by Jim Matthews, this novelty calendar was distributed at local novelty stores in the late 1960s. The calendar itself featured fantastic photos of by Bary Herron of the Universal Monsters Characters that Don Post Studios immortalized in latex.

While I was born 8 years after the release of this classic calendar, the photos of these masks remain ingrained in my memories from my childhood as they would turn up again and again in Famous Monsters magazines.

I scored an original calendar about 15 years ago at a convention. While the actual calendar at the bottom of each page had been cut off, the photos of the masks were all in wonderful shape! I have scanned all the pages at a high resolution and uploaded it for those of you guys and ghouls who'd like a copy.

Been DYING to get your hands on it? Well here you go creep. Be the first kid on your block to download the PDF Calendar lifelike, you'll expect it to hiss!!!


  1. Thanks for posting that! Love the Don Post Calendar.

  2. Oh, wow. That PDF is awesome--gonna print these out and put em in the workshop! You, sir, are a hero to Monster Kids everywhere.