Thursday, October 21, 2010

Riverside Library Mask Display

A local library has a wonderful collection of classic monster masks on display this October. The collection belongs to Carlos  Marquez and features some very rare masks., several of the which have been customized by independent artists. All together it’s one impressive display!

The masks on display include from top to bottom:

Row One - Karloff Frank by Don Post Studios,  The Wolfman by Tony Pitoco, Karloff Mummy by Daniel Horne, Lugosi Dracula by Don Post Studios (custom painted by Aaron Lewis,) Creature from the Black Lagoon by Don Post Studios.

Row Two-  Mr, Hyde by  Tony Pitoco,  Karloff Frank by Don Post (custom paint job from Ghost of Frankenstein),  Phantom of the Opera by Don Post Studios,  Curse of Frankenstein by Carol Hicks.

Row Three- Micheal Meyers by Justin Marby, Dr. Loomis by Le Romaire.

The Pitoco Wolfman was an outstanding piece. I’ve never seen one in person and I was very impressed. Definitely one of the best ever released by an independent artist!

The Horne Mummy is without a doubt the best Karloff mummy I ever have seen. This mask is currently in production and can still be had from Daniel. This one is already a classic and a worthy addition to any classic monster collection.

The Aaron Lewis custom paint job is top notch. Aaron took the standard calendar re-issue  paint scheme and transformed it into a beautiful replica of the classic calendar photo.

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