Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! It's been a crazy week gearing up for the big night. We decided to change up our display this year and set up a cemetery. We spent the better part of the past two weeks building the fence and stone columns. I was able to get a few shots of the front yard from last night...
Photo of the stairs leading to our front door

Close up of our Death Studios "Cadaver" corpse, together with this wooden coffin, has been a staple of the display for over 10 years!

I built these two scarecrows on Friday. They were inspired from some pics I saw on the Pumpkinrot blog a few weeks ago.

Close up of few pumpkins in front of our Flying Crank Ghost

Our flying crank ghost in action

A couple of pumpkins next to the front door.

The view of the whole front yard from across the street.

The left side of the cemetery.

The right side of the cemetery

Close up of Don Post Skull Wall Sconce. I built two 9 foot columns for each side of the cemetery and mounted a skull on each. 

I built this enormous 16 foot scarecrow three years ago and this is the second time we've displayed him.  I was great to see him in action again!

Death Studios "Death 2" mask and hands in the attic window. We put a red strobe on it and it peered down on the trick or treaters from above!

Grim Reaper blowing in the night wind with illuminated clouds in the sky.

A few of the ghoulish decorations inside.
A Blucky skeleton hanging out in the garage!

This year we played Haunted Horror Sounds over our cemetery. It features a wonderful organ track though out the entire disc. It's a spine-tingling blend of creepy effects and red-blooded retro cheese all rolled up into one.
Download it here and check it out!