Thursday, June 24, 2021

NECA / Loot Crate Universal Monsters Masks

 I wanted to follow up yesterday's NECA Universal Monsters Mask Ad post with some additional related images, ads and info. First off, the talent behind these sculptures was Mark Enright of Mortar Heads. Mark has created some very cool masks over the past decade or so and I'm a big fan of his style and interpretation of some classic toys and decor turned into masks. I'm sure it goes without saying, but in the case of this line of masks, they were an homage to the classic Remco Uni Monster action figures.

I also appreciate that the release gave collectors an incentive to purchase the first four characters in the lineup, as this was the only way to then purchase the remaining two masks. Very cool! These were affordable at $49.99 each and were available through Lootcrate back in 2020.  

From a business standpoint, an interesting set of circumstances lead to the release of this lineup. NECA has a license to produce Universal Monster collectibles. NECA also purchased Rubie Costumes in 2020 when the company emerged from bankruptcy. With a license, and the means to produce the masks, NECA wasted no time partnering up with Lootcrate to release this series.  

If you'd like to learn more about this release, and dig into an interview with Mr. Enright, check out this post by the Universal Monster Universe blog. And now for the eye candy...

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