Friday, June 18, 2021

1979 Be Something Studios Catalog


Today's post will serves a few purposes. First, as a correction, as the 1979 Be Something Studios catalog has been posted here before, but was incorrectly listed as the 1977 catalog. In addition, these specific scans have not been posted until today. These come straight from the Zagone Studios archives and are much cleaner and crisper without all the tape and marks present in the previous scans. 


 The '79 line-up introduced some of the early classic BSS masks that are highly sought after today by collectors including the Executioner, Drac, and Dream Girl masks. 


A few of the characters from the 1977 catalog have been updated for the '79 lineup. The most notable being the '77 Unicorn has been re-sculpted as the Evil Unicorn, and the very rare 1977 Corpse mask with the squared off jaw has been re-sculpted... 

1977 BSS Unicorn mask / 1979 BSS Evil Unicorn mask

1977 BSS Corpse mask / 1979 BSS Corpse mask


Be Something Studios Die Ann Mask

Be Something Studios Drac Mask

Be Something Studios Dr Deranged Mask

Be Something StudiosExecutioner Mask

Be Something Studios Fang Face Mask

Be Something Studios Saber Tooth Beast Mask

Be Something Studios Vampira Mask

Be Something Studios Dream Girl Mask