Wednesday, June 16, 2021

1977 Be Something Studios Catalog

 The 1977 Be Something Studios catalog has been posted here before, but these specific scans have not been posted until today. These scans come straight from the Zagone factory and are much cleaner and crisper. In order to keep some sort of sense of things, I have decided to start posting the old Be Something and Zagone catalogs in chronological order. In cases like this, some duplicates will be posted when there is an improvement over the originals. 


Historically, this is a really cool catalog that features some early work from a few sculptors including Billy Baccarella, a young Billy Ystrom, Artie Clafford, and it may have included work from Mike Saenz as well. I will try to get some clarification the next time I speak with Tony Zagone. I have included several close-up scans of individual masks of interest here as well...


Be Something Studios - Wicked Witch mask

Be Something Studios - Two-Face mask

Be Something Studios - The Corpse mask

Be Something Studios - Living Dead mask

Be Something Studios - Fang Face Female mask

Be Something Studios - Fang Face mask

Be Something Studios - Devil mask

Be Something Studios - Bloody Mary mask

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